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About us

Hello! I'm Neha Jain and I'm the founder of this elegant business called Butter Tub Soap! 


I started making Melt & Pour handmade soaps as hobby in my kitchen and it eventually became my passion. Soon it grew into a small team and since then we have been providing our customers with a wide variety of skin-friendly handmade soaps.

Quality is our prime concern, and we ensure that it is evident in our products. To guarantee the quality of each batch, we make all our soaps in small batches. Each bar is hand-stirred, hand-cut, and hand-wrapped. Our soaps are vegetarian, paraben-free, and cruelty free; meaning no animal fat is utilised.

Our soaps include glycerine, which naturally moisturises the skin. Glycerine soap naturally gives the skin extra moisture because it is a humectant. Its low pH level is also partly to blame for this. Glycerine soaps work better for people with dry or sensitive skin than conventional soap does. Our company’s client centric approach and our tireless efforts in satisfying our clients have given us a place in the industry; where we are seen as an organisation which always deliver unmatched quality products within mentioned time frame. Moreover, due to our fair business policies, transparent dealings and cost-effective prices, we have established a huge client base.

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