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Learn the craft of making handmade soaps

Whether you’re bored, have extra time on your hands or want to get out of a rut, learning a new skill can give you the mental and physical boost you need. It gives you motivation, beats boredom, boosts confidence (which a lot of us have lost during the trying times of COVID), advance your career, diversifies your job options and nonetheless boost your happiness. Learning a new skill can give you energy, joy and a sense of purpose.

So, we at Butter Tub are introducing 'Melt & Pour Soap' making workshops. Making your own soap can be rewarding. The experience of making soap, the interactions, the fun and the satisfaction you get during interactive learning is unmatched. It's amazing how many tips and tricks you can pick up while learning how to do something with your own hands. So, let's give it a try; I know I would!

For Details contact us at 9810309144

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